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Scabery Expression Calculator

Expression calculator with variables, mortgage calculator and base conversion
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18 February 2010

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Scabery Expression Calculator is a calculator that performs arithmetic and trigonometric operations.

Scabery Expression Calculator is a simple tool to perform mathematical operations. It has 50 functions, history, variables and more. The interface is designed as a calculator which can have any expression as an input and the calculator will evaluate the expression too find the numerical value. You can use arithmetic and trigonometric functions within the expressions. The constant and the function keys have a drop down list to let you choose a particular constant or the function from the list of related items. You can customize the display area with font of your choice. Such choices are all interactive and are done through dialog boxes. The interface will let you set up your own function and variables too. The main display area is tabbed and has history, mortgage, base converter as tabs. The history tab is particularly useful when you are doing a long set of calculations. It will show what exactly you tried to evaluate so that recovery from errors is always possible.

This history can be saved and loaded from file whenever required. Scabery Expression Calculator can save an unlimited number of variables. That can also be saved into a file and then loaded from the file. The calculator also has a mortgage calculator that calculates the monthly outgo easily. The base of the number system can be binary, octal and hexadecimal too besides the usual decimal system. A number base converter also is provided for easy movement between the number systems. Range of built in functions, trigonometric functions etc are useful. The program stays reduced in the system tray and is available for use all the time. This is a very good overall scientific calculator. No particularly outstanding feature distinguishes it from many other scientific calculators available though.

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A very usable multifunctional scientific expression calculator. While using Scabery Expression Calculator, you will never get confused in your calculations as you will always see all the expressions you are calculating as well as the current operation. Scabery Expression Calculator contains the history of calculations that you can always save into a file and then load from the file if necessary. Scabery Expression Calculator can save an unlimited number of variables that can also be saved into a file and then loaded from the file. Scabery Expression Calculator has a customizable view especially to make the work with it as comfortable as possible. All the settings are saved that is why you won't have to spend extra time to customize the application view. Scabery Expression Calculator loads as soon as your operating system starts and is in system tray, so you can start it if possible just with double clicking its icon without looking for it in the "Start" menu. Scabery Expression Calculator also has a mortgage calculator that will always help you to calculate your monthly or total mortgage or loan payment. The product contains a base converter supporting hexadcimal, decimal, octal and binary number systems. Scabery Expression Calculator has over 20 built-in functions and trigonometric functions can be calculated in degrees, radians or grads. The calculator can always remain on top of the other windows if you switch on a corresponding option.
Scabery Expression Calculator
Scabery Expression Calculator
Version 2.0.2
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